Monday, July 20, 2009

Bonnie's Blueberry Butter Cream

This summer our apartment had the privilege of subletting to Bonnie, a music student from Ireland. We were so very excited for her arrival (and accent) in mid July. I've been on a fruit fix with the weather gradually warming so I created a lemon cake with blueberry butter cream frosting, along with a simple chocolate chocolate with a little blueberry on top. Long story short, cake is a great way to warm up a newcomer. Bonnie was great to have, and we all really enjoyed her stay.

'Welcome Bonnie! Blueberry Butter Cream Lemon Cupcakes'
 and Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Mike's Mint Malawisaurus Cakes

Mike's favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate. I needed a theme for the week, and had just bought some super cute green dinosaur liners (with him in mind) that matched! I sought out some mint extract in the North End and got to work. The end result tasted great, although I wish the frosting wasn't so icing-like. I ended up spreading instead of piping. I sprinkled them with some cookies'n'creme crumble and sent a box to Mike's to share.
 (I don't think they were shared well) We'll have to make these again in the near future.

Mint Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes