Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegan Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and College

Firstly, my apologies to anyone who was beginning to follow this blog. I have neglected it for a couple of months now. Even sadder, I haven't baked as much either. It's down to the end of my semester and my degree project show is next Thursday. In the time I've been away from (CAKE)therapy I have branded a fictitious bakery from mission statement to logo to packaging line. After a lot of hard work, I'm glad to see it coming together. I think this could really be something. It promotes healthier food choices by educating the consumer about what exactly they're eating. Treating yourself to sweets is something everyone should do now and again, but it's important to choose quality, nutritious sweets, void of artificial flavorings and ingredients. I've done a bit of experimental baking with vegan ingredients, but nothing glamourous. 2010 has been a lot of trial and error thus far.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
A pile of yummy, yet sad chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. This was my first attempt at baking with Earth Balance margarine. Cookies have always been a challenge for me. It's been even more difficult using vegan ingredients. They taste great, they just don't quite look it yet.

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