Monday, May 31, 2010

Mike's 22nd Birthday

What do you treat yourself to on your birthday? Well, you might remember the energy drink cake I made for Mike's birthday last year. Since then, he's another year older, acts a whole year younger, and has thankfully kicked the energy drinks to the side (for the most part.) Here's how 22 played out.

Mike's birthday started with a Prociutto, Egg and Mozzarella Cheese breakfast sandwich, with fruit salad.

For dessert that evening, Chocolate Guiness cupcakes with a Cream Cheese frosting was the choice. I decorated cupcakes to represent Mike's different interests and talents. Having just finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts, and landing a great internship opportunity, I thought it would be a nice way of celebrating his birthday and accomplishments. (I'm really proud of him.)

Clockwise from top: Ps Photoshop icon; Mike's favorite Adobe program, Lobster Claw; love of seasfood, MULLEN; advertising design, accomplishment and his place of work, Anchovy; an open mind and willingness to try (and love) anything, Skateboard; Mike's sunny day mode of transportation, an adventurous side, VANS; the shoe to skate in, Dinosaur; because Mike thinks they're awesome (and science is cool), Four-Leaf Clover; Mike possesses an endless bout of luck in life (and he brings luck too), Microphone; he's a vocalist and song writer, Shark; Mike's true love and interest in animals and aquatic life

Happy Birthday to the unique guy in my life.

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