Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday Mocktails

Senior year is getting crazy. My new years resolution is falling to the back burner. I find myself trying to invent time to bake. 

I did get together with some girlfriends last week for a bit of dinner. I couldn't bring anything besides cupcakes, so in between Flash CS4 tutorials and Design Research, I made some chocolate vegan cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting. Half with peanut butter cup cookies. Half dipped in ganache and topped with a strawberry.

They were definitely hurried. I piped on the frosting without waiting for the ganache to cool, resulting in sad looking tops. The wrappers also pulled away from the cake over night. I don't know if there was too much oil in the recipe (vegan) and they resisted the wax lined wrappers. Regardless, they tasted yummy!

Wish for some spare time soon so I can post more (detailed and attractive) treats.

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